We are All a Part of History

I love history. When I was a little girl my dad used to call me into the living room to see what was happening on the news. I remember the day that President Nixon resigned. My dad told me that I was watching “history in the making.” I was only about seven years old, but I remember being fascinated with the realization that we are all a part of history. The events of the past have shaped the present and the events of the present will shape the future. If we want to better understand the world around us we need to understand history.

History is a Great Teacher

I have spent much of my life studying and teaching history. One theme of history that I have seen repeated over and over is that freedom is hard-won and easily lost. Every generation has a responsibility to protect freedom where it exists, and to strive to attain it where it does not. We can never take freedom for granted. Today we are at risk of losing a fundamental freedom—the freedom to make choices about our family’s health. There is a battle going on over whether individuals should have the right to access natural remedies or whether we should be forced to rely solely on pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs have their place in medicine and I am thankful for them. But for many of my family’s health issues, pharmaceutical drugs have failed us. I have spent time, energy, and resources acquiring the knowledge I need to treat my family’s health issues. Homeopathic remedies are one of the most helpful tools I use in this effort.


Freedom at Risk

Americans for Homeopathy Choice is a grassroots organization of moms like me who organized in response to the recent FDA actions against homeopathic remedies. We affectionately refer to ourselves as “Mama Bears,” because we are fiercely devoted to protecting the well-being of our children. Of course, our group includes fathers, grandparents, pet parents, and others, who use homeopathic remedies to keep our loved ones healthy. What we all have in common is a deep concern that the FDA’s newly proposed Draft Guidance threatens to, at best, limit our access to homeopathic remedies, and, at worst, make them illegal.  


“Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington”

Have you ever seen the old 1939 Jimmy Stewart movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? It is the inspiring story of an ordinary guy who stands up to the political status quo in order to defend what is right. In April 2019 I participated in an event hosted by Americans for Homeopathy Choice called “Homeopathy on the Hill.” Volunteers like me came from all across the country to let Congress know that the freedom to choose homeopathy is important to us. I met with the offices of both of my U.S. Senators and also my U.S. Representative to ask them to protect our freedom to choose and access homeopathic medicines.  I felt like “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington!”
Here is the text that I sent to my husband and kids the morning of my first meeting:
I’m here at the Hart Senate Office Building waiting to meet with the Health Legislative Assistant to Senator Rick Scott! We have 150 volunteers from all around the country meeting with their Senators and Congressman ‘s offices today. We are asking them to safeguard our freedom to choose homeopathic medicines. We went through a 4 hour training yesterday evening to prepare us to present this information to our legislators. I heard some amazing healing stories from so many people who are here at great sacrifices and expense to protect their freedom to choose homeopathic medicine. I will be sharing some of our family ‘s personal experiences with homeopathy. Please pray for me and all of us who are here for this effort!



The Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Monument is the only monument to a medical doctor is Washington D.C. Dr. Hahnemann is considered the “Father of Homeopathy.”


Making Our Voices Heard

Each year since 2019 I have participated in Homeopathy on the Hill.  Due to circumstances related to public health policy, the last two years the meetings have been held via video call. I continue to attend meetings with my U.S. Senators and my U.S. Representative’s offices to share my concerns and ask them to uphold our freedom to choose homeopathic medicines for our families. I would like to encourage you to join with us at Americans for Homeopathy Choice in this battle to preserve our freedom. It is our responsibility to protect that freedom and pass it on to our children and grandchildren.

You can learn about the FDA’ s actions against homeopathic remedies by visiting the Americans for Homeopathy Choice website. There you can read about what we are doing to protect health freedom and how you can help. AFHC is making it as easy as possible for you to use your voice to share about homeopathy to your members of Congress. This includes providing you with excellent training and even scheduling your appointments for you!

Help us Advocate for homeopathy by getting involved with Americans for Homeopathy Choice –you are part of history in the making!
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