My Fitness Progress with Anovite

Finding the Fitness Balance

Two mistakes that we can make in terms of our health is to either obsess over our fitness or to neglect it.

Proverbs 31 describes a woman of virtue. She girds her loins with strength, and strengthens her arms.”
(Proverbs 31:17-18.)
This is a description of a woman who is deliberate about keeping herself physically strong so that she is able to care for the others in her life.
Notice that the Proverbs 31 Woman does not neglect her own health. She makes it a priority but she doesn’t obsess. Her motivation is not vanity, but love for God and others. Because she is physically strong she is able to contribute to her family’s well-being physically, financially, and spirituality. She looks well to the ways of her household so she can laugh at the future!
Let’s Face it Sometimes You Just Need to Get Serious About Fitness!
In my younger days, if I overindulged on too many calories, I could usually keep a pretty steady balance in my weight and fitness level by increasing my exercise. As I’ve gotten older, I am finding it more and more difficult to stay fit. I am not as active as I used to be when I was raising my own four active children. As a grandmother of 4 energetic grandchildren, I find that I “poop out” a lot more quickly than I used to.  As I’ve grown older, I find that is much easier to put on the pounds than it is to get them back off.
Our Strengths can also be our Weaknesses
I love to cook and I love to eat delicious food. Unfortunately, I have seen the inches grow around my waistline. I don’t love it when my clothes no longer fit and I feel out of shape. Philosophically, I don’t believe in dieting. Yet, I have come to the realization that I am prone to eating more calories than I actually need. The Anovite colostrum-based product line has given me the helping hand that I needed.
The Anovite LeptiTrim Program
I joined the Anovite company as a business builder because of their cornerstone product: Colostrum6. I am extremely impressed with the health benefits of raw bovine colostrum, and Anovite Colostrum6 is the highest quality colostrum on the market. Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, the founder and formulator of the Anovite products has developed an excellent line of whole food nutritional products that includes the LeptiTrim products. I was intrigued by the LeptiTrim program because each aspect of the product line seems to address issues that I am struggling with.
LeptiTrim  Shakes
I find that the best way for me to lose weight is to practice intermittent fasting and control my calories and portions. For me, I have had success losing unwanted pounds by having a LeptiTrim6 Shake for lunch followed by a sensible dinner. The shakes are delicious and very satisfying! I do skip breakfast when I’m trying to lose unwanted pounds but more on that below. When I’m at my desired weight I can add a breakfast shake in the mornings, in addition to lunch and dinner, provided I’m staying active and not overindulging on too many extra calories. Find out more about LeptiTrim6 Shakes here.
LeptiTrim DayTime
To be honest, at first I did not like this product. I took LeptiTrim6 DayTime according to the recommended dosage on the bottle. I found that it made me jittery. I didn’t like the way it made me feel, so I stopped. Later, I decided to take only one capsule during my times of feeling a lack of willpower. This actually was helpful and didn’t make me feel jittery as long as I didn’t take more than one a day. I’m a smaller than average person, so it makes sense to me that I would need less than an average sized person. I’m sure each person needs to find the dosage that is right for them, using the recommended dosage as a baseline. Learn more about the LeptiTrim6 DayTime here. 
LeptiTrim NightTime
I liked the LeptiTrim6 NightTime immediately. I was excited to learn that not only does it contain Colostrum6, but it also contains collagen. I’ve read that we lose collagen as we age and this contributes to our wrinkles and sagging skin. I was happy to add some extra collagen to my life to make up for this deficit! Right away I noticed two benefits. First, sipping on the sweet drink in the evenings before bed satisfied my cravings for something less healthy.  Second, it gave me a relaxed feeling and helped me to fall into a nice deep sleep. You can read more information on LeptiTrim6 NightTime here.  
Seismic6 is Anovite’s newest product in the product line. It is a healthy energy drink designed to support healthy immunity while providing a mega-wave of energy and anti-aging. It contains a unique blend of superfoods, collagen, fat burners, cognitive nootropics, amino acid, protein, and a slimming botanical blend. When the product was announced, I ignored it for a while because I’m not an energy drink person (although I love coffee a little too much). Then I couldn’t help noticing the great reviews that people were giving it on Facebook so I decided to order some. I will say that I have been very impressed. I have sipped on it in the morning or afternoon in place of a cup of coffee. It gives me a really nice feeling of energy without the coffee jitters. I have had no problem sleeping at night either. I have been most impressed with how it satisfies by cravings for something sweet and helps me stay in total control of my food choices. It is definitely a keeper for my fitness and wellness strategy! Learn more about Seismic6 here. 
How I do Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss
As I mentioned above, when I’ve put on too many unwanted pounds, the most effective solution for me has been to practice intermittent fasting. For me this has included an annual or biannual calorie restricted diet for about 3 weeks at a time. During this time I limit my meals to a six-hour time slot from around noon to around 6pm. During this time I eat lunch, dinner and a small snack in the afternoon. I am an early riser and the morning part of the fasting would be miserable for me, were it not for Anovite Colostrum6 and LimuZ6. These are the two cornerstone products from Anovite that have replaced all of my other supplements. While colostrum is “Nature’s Best” from the Land, Anovite’s LimuZ6, is “Nature’s Best” from the Sea. A healthy body must have the innate strength and vitality that only high-quality nutrition can provide. Anovite Colostrum6 and LimuZ6 have been a simple way to incorporate nutrient-dense, whole-food nutrition into my daily fitness plan. I usually froth some Colostrum6 into my morning coffee and then shortly after I take a packet of LimuZ6 and another teaspoon of colostrum frothed in a few ounces of water. This morning routine gives me all the get-up-and-go energy that I need! Learn more about Colostrum6 and LimuZ6 here. 
If you’re like me and healthy eating and moderate exercise don’t seem to be getting you the results you’re looking for, I highly recommend trying the Anovite LeptiTrim products. They may just be the helping hand you need to find your fitness balance! I can help you get the lowest prices on your products. Set up a wholesale customer account and get the same wholesale prices that I get! There are no membership fees and no minimum order requirements, which I love!
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Bovine colostrum can be taken as a supplement to support the immune system, improve stamina and fitness levels, and slow down the aging process.

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