Some people have a coffee bar in their kitchen. I have a homeopathy bar!! It has just evolved for the sake of practicality in our home. My family is learning homeopathy right along with me and they know how to pick the best remedy for illness or injury based on their symptoms.

For example, we recently had a very busy weekend, which included the funeral of a dear family friend. By Monday morning, 3 out of 4 of my family were feeling like they were coming down with something. We discussed their symptoms which presented in different ways for each of them. After choosing the remedies that matched their symptoms, each was back to normal by the following day.

It gets better! My mom, who had the same busy weekend, called that Monday morning to say that she was not feeling well. We discussed her symptoms and chose her remedy. She has her own homeopathy kit at her house. She took her remedies and by that evening she called and said she was completely better!
Be prepared with homeopathy
Knowing how to use homeopathy to treat ourselves when we are sick has really transformed our lives. Some of the benefits of homeopathy are:
  • Homeopathy is effective.
  • Homeopathy is natural and completely safe when used properly.
  • Homeopathy can be used for all ages.
  • Homeopathy saves time and money.
  • Homeopathy gives us confidence and peace of mind.

Chemical drugs suppress symptoms by blocking the body’s natural immune response. For example, the body uses fever to heal from illness. A fever-suppressant, like acetaminophen, reduces the body’s ability to produce a fever, thereby bringing down the body temperature. The problem is that suppressing symptoms does not uproot illness. Homeopathy works differently. Instead of suppressing the body’s immune response, it helps the body to complete the healing process naturally.

Owning a homeopathy kit or two and purchasing some books about homeopathy will help you learn to be prepared when sickness arises.

I have these kits:

Washington Homeopathic Top 100 Remedy Kit

Washington Homeopathic Top 50 Remedy Kit (in 200c potency)

Helios Homeopathy 36 Remedy Deluxe Family Kit 

(Each of these kits comes with a little booklet to get you started, but I highly recommend the books below.)

My mom has this kit:

Boiron HomeoFamily Kit 

These books were the most helpful to me and my daughters as we began learning homeopathy:

Cure Yourself & Your Family with Homeopathy, by Joette Calabrese

Homeopathy for Mommies: A Family Guide for the Acute Use of Homeopathy, by Sue Meyer

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, by Miranda Castro

I also recommend reading Joette Calabrese’s Practical Homeopathy blog as well as Sue Meyer’s  Homeopathy for Mommies blog. There is a wealth of free information on these blogs. I have taken several courses from both of these knowledgeable ladies. They both also have wonderful podcasts!

I also highly recommend joining a Gateway to Homeopathy Guided Study Group. I lead several of these throughout the year. Contact me for more information on how to join one of my guided study groups!


I recently had the honor and privilege of sharing my homeopathy story on the Mom’s With Moxie Podcast. The interview is Podcast 109 – Symptoms as a Gift and a Guide. You can listen to the interview here. 


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