Raw Bovine Colostrum: a Traditional Nutrient-dense Healing Food


“Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength? Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen to me, and you will eat what is good. You will enjoy the finest food.”Isaiah 55:2 (New Living Translation)

Twenty years ago I was buying a triple-pack of acid reflux medication every time I went to the grocery store. My husband suffered with chronic heartburn and digestion issues. At one point his stomach pain was so bad that we ended up in the emergency room with a diagnosis of gastritis, which is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach.

I tried to cook healthy, but at the time “healthy” to me meant low-fat, low-salt, sugar-free foods that were labeled “healthy,” but were highly processed and full of artificial ingredients. I now realize that the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) was not healthy at all.

The book Nourishing Traditions changed our lives. I began following the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation. The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF)  endorses traditional, nutrient-dense foods as a means to obtaining optimum health. I started buying raw, unpasteurized milk (with the heavy cream line still in tact) directly from a local farm, and making raw milk yogurt and kefir. I stopped buying processed foods and began incorporating traditionally-sourced, traditionally-prepared, whole foods into our diet. It was a radical change, which meant I needed to put a lot more time and energy into the meals we ate.

Once I understood the WAPF principles, I put my heart and soul into changing not only our diet, but really our way of life. At the time it was extremely difficult to find traditionally-sourced food. “Organic” had not yet become popular and was expensive and hard to find. Grass-fed meat, eggs and dairy had not yet gone mainstream. I joined several co-ops to be able to find clean food options at prices I could afford. Eventually, my family would raise our own egg-laying hens and meat chickens in order to avoid industrially-raised, antibiotic-laden, GMO-tainted animal products.


For many years we raised our own egg-laying hens and meat chickens.

It was a lot of work, but well-worth the effort. By changing to a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet, I was able to heal my husband’s acid reflux and digestive issues! As a family, we noticed a new level of health for all of us.


These days I have simplified things a bit. I am still  passionate about the WAPF principles. I believe that our bodies were designed to get our nutrients from whole foods as close to the way God made them as possible. Now we buy our eggs from my wonderful neighbors, who raise their own egg-laying hens. I order my meat chickens, grass-fed beef, and grass-fed pork directly from a small family farm. I still buy raw milk from a local farmer and raw milk kefir is a staple in our diet. In addition, I now have the highest quality raw bovine colostrum delivered right to our doorstep!


I was very excited to discover that Anovite Colostrum6 adheres to the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation. It comes from pasture-fed cows, has not been defatted and has been dried at low temperatures. The Weston A. Price Foundation endorses raw bovine colostrum as a traditional healing food that has been historically used in cultures around the world. Bovine colostrum has a long history of helping the body heal from diseases of all kinds. It supports gut health, dental health and the entire immune system. It gives me great peace of mind, knowing that my family is getting such an excellent nutrient-dense food to support our immune systems.

Colostrum is Not Milk

Although colostrum was historically known in many cultures as “First Milk,” colostrum is not milk. It is the first fluid produced by mammalian mothers prior to the production of actual milk. In fact, many people who have dairy intolerance do extremely well with colostrum!

Anovite has the highest quality colostrum on the market. I love the company so much that I joined as an associate. Anovite has an excellent product line of whole food supplements and the best business plan that I have ever seen. It is easy to share with others so that your products pay for themselves! Let me know if I can help you with ordering products as a wholesale customer or building a home-based business by sharing Anovite with others! You can learn more at  cathidiaz.anovite.com


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Bovine colostrum can be taken as a supplement to support the immune system, improve stamina and fitness levels, and slow down the aging process.

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